It’s Not Your Adhesive, It’s You

Adhesive chart


The truth is: the problem isn’t your adhesive, it’s you.

The good news is that this is an easy fix!

You MUST learn what your rooms average temperature & humidity are and from there you need to know how fast you lash because adhesives range in how quickly they dry, for example: do you want yours to dry in 0.5 seconds or would you benefit from a slower drying formula like 1.5-2 seconds?

Usually beginners need a slow drying adhesive because they typically lash slower. If you’re very quick at lashing then a quicker curing time is the way to go for you.

Viscosity can be a personal preference but also keep in mind that the thicker your adhesive is the more incompatible it will be for certain techniques like mega volume.

Once you have all of this information, you can find adhesives that will work for YOU, the adhesives that fit into your range of temperature/humidity/time to dry/and viscosity.

When you’re having issues with an adhesive, more than likely you’ve chosen one that is not compatible with the temperature and humidity in your room.

This is SO important to know because I see it all of the time: lash artists asking other artists on social media “what adhesive do you use/love?”. It’s great to ask, but what one lash artist has success with in an area like Nevada (dry and hot) won’t have the same success for someone in Alaska.

I really hope this helps you guys.

My personal tried and true favorite adhesive brand is @eyelashexcellence because they offer wide ranges in everything I mentioned above, and equally as important is that they are (the only brand *I* know of) that manufactures IN the UK.

Now why is this a big deal? It’s because the UK has the highest standards and regulations for adhesive ingredients and safety. I’d say that 99% of the adhesives most lash artists use are manufactured in countries with NO standards or regulations for ingredients and safety.

All adhesives have the same main ingredient, cyanoacrylate. But the quality of the stabilizers and other ingredients is where it gets questionable.
*The brand I mentioned is based on my own opinion and I was in no way influenced or paid to advertise this (I wish 😆)

And in case you’re wondering which one I use from them, it’s the supersonic adhesive in clear because it suits my temperature and humidity range, it’s quick drying (I lash fast) and it’s a thin viscosity which I prefer.

Again, even though I personally love and use this product, you may need a different formula based on all of the information I provided above.

Now go find your best adhesive!

– Lace