Why Do My Lashes Look Bald?!

Why Do My Lashes Look Bald

The truth: they aren’t. They aren’t bald, they aren’t damaged. You just feel like they are in comparison to the full and dense lashes you’ve grown used to.

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Take a look at some before & after examples and reverse the photos. Imagine going from all of these lush, full lashes back to your normal length and fullness. It’s a shock for sure! But please do not ever think that your lash artist has jeopardized the health of your lashes and that your lashes are now damaged. They aren’t, it’s just such a huge difference in comparison that the shock is real. I can’t speak for every lash artist out there, but I would never try to make money or be in a career where it comes at a cost to you and the state of your lash health. 

Now, as much as I have seen really great and positive things about lash extensions on social media, I’ve definitely seen my fair share of negative lash extension experiences as well. I’ve seen so many “lash extensions ruined my natural lashes” posts and it’s so unfortunate. I think it’s a combination of what I said above : the shock of having no extensions so they seem to be shorter and thinner but they’re really just the same as they’ve always been, as well as some truly terrible work by some irresponsible lash artists out there. 

Lash extensions CAN damage your lashes if you don’t go to a professional lash artist. They can be applying extensions that are way too heavy for your natural lashes, or they might not be isolating your lashes correctly. 

There’s many ways that an unprofessional lash artist can damage your lashes, but this is why you do your homework and find someone with great reviews and an amazing portfolio. The saying is true “you get what you pay for”. When it comes to something like lash extensions, do not try to find the cheapest lash artist in your area because they are cheap for a reason. When a lash professional knows their worth they charge accordingly. So, find the right professional and you can trust that they will not damage your lashes. 🤍